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  • Siemens IoT2020 Industrial Boiler Control

    An Industrial Control System Using The Siemens IoT2000 IoT Gateway

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  • Control Thy LED On Hack-A-Day

    Learn how to control the brightness of an LED.

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  • PSOC Office Automation And Control

    A Project With The Cypress PSOC Analog Co-Processor

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Two Decades of Learning and Teaching

My Experience From Time(in months)

I have a mix bag of experience from the Industry as well as the Academia.








  • Dr. M.L. Singh Professor

    Hard working, Intelligent and full of surprises.

  • Dr. Davinder Pal Sharma Professor

    Comes highly recommended as a hard working professional.

  • Yogesh Dhongade Director- Rajdeep IT Pvt Ltd

    We have worked together and learned so much. Problem solving becomes so much easier once you have a good partner.

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